Handlebar Vuka Carbon Extension (22.2)

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For a perfect bike fit setting, the rider must achieve smooth aerodynamics, comfort, and stress-free body posture on the car, while also having the best handling. The top-fitting setter constantly designs new methods to maximize and balance the above goals. Based on the feedback of the top fitting designers, Zipp’s Vuka carbon fiber extension handles provide all the setting options you need to optimize your riding posture to win, or create your best record.

Vuka Carbon Evo 70 and 110 extension handles

The Vuka Evo extension handle reduces wind resistance and allows airflow to pass through the knight more quickly, while keeping arms and wrists in a comfortable and relaxed position. The Evo handle with a 20mm retracted and curved structure is made of carbon fiber for the first time, allowing us to make a more complex handle and more lightweight.

Using the same Exogram™ technology as the SRAM RED® crank arm, the Vuka Evo carbon fiber 70 and 110 extension handles weigh only 140 grams and 142 grams, respectively, exceeding the performance standards of aluminum alloys. The shape of the end of the handle is modified to fit the hand, and can be smoothly connected to the rear end of the mechanical handle. The piping configuration is completely built-in, and the included end caps perfectly integrate SRAM RED® eTap® Clics™ piping and are aerodynamic. In addition, sandblasting provides an excellent grip without the need to wrap the handle belt. The length is increased to 380mm (extended by Alumina Evo's 360mm), which further improves the freedom of fitting setting.

Evolving from the traditional sled handle shape, the Vuka Evo Carbon 70's 70mm uplift, arrange your hands in the same position as the previous sled extension, and raise the Vuka Evo Carbon 110 to 110mm , To provide the best fit setting for the style with the extension handle mounted under the bottom handle, and become the best choice for many professional triathletes using SRAM RED® eTap®. With two lifting options, longer lengths, and the best ergonomic design, Vuka Evo Carbon allows every rider to make the ideal fit setting.

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