Glueless Tube Patches


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Most of racing bike of tire was very narrow designed to reduce the air resistance when bike runs on the road. The thickness of glueless patch was just 0.8mm thinly.

The high viscosity adhesive rubber fixed up the nail puncture of racing tube. Then stop the air leakage exactly.


Some of glueless tube patches are assemble in the box together to sander paper and nylon tire lever for repair kit convenience. This DIY kit was popular to combine it in the bike tool repair bag to supply the solution in case of emergency.

Glueless tube patches: The tube patch was fine adhesion force without cement.


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25mm round style with black color, 6 pcs/sheet.. 6 pcs patch + 1 pc sander paper, package in flat box. 6 pcs patch +2 pcs tire lever + 1 pc sander paper


Feature of Product:

The glueless patch was not need to use any rubber cement to repair tubeless tyre
and racing bike tube. It was a special fomular to arise more glutinous patch to
repair nail puncture.

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