Supervised new Radiologists (… Calling in STAT reports to referring physicians. Performed CT scans, X-ray imaging, portable radiography and Fluoroscopic procedures. Receive phone calls from physicians' offices and directly from patients for scheduling various procedures fo different facilities, maintaining specific protocol for each. Distributed patient forms and questionnaires prior to patient's scheduled test. Provided final reads during night and weekend shifts for the second largest VA hospital in the country, Interpreted all modalities including MRI, CT, Ultrasound, and plain films. Radiology may be your future. I worked full time, 10 PAs , unsupervised. Employers select candidates who are fully-licensed medical doctors. Additionally at that time I performed basic routine colour -Doppler examinations (lower extremity arteries and veins, upper extremity arteries and veins, vein mapping, carotids/vertebral arteries, renal fistulas, renal arteries, aorta). Responsible for importing disks for interpretation as well as creating disks for patient pick-up and patient transfers, Contacting IT personnel and explaining IT issues, Handling phone calls to assist the caller with their needs and concerns, Assisting and satisfying the needs of the Doctors, Prioritizing and insuring the accuracy of the cases in timely fashion, Multitasking to maintain a consistent flow to insure customer satisfaction, Self-disciplined to remain organized and focused, Assisted the radiologist during fluoroscopy exams, Assisted Radiologist during pain management procedures. Supports radiologist productively by accomplishing several tasks. You should match your skills and experience to the person specification for the post you are applying for.. This is an actual CV example of a Substantive Consultant Radiologist who works in the Substantive Consultant Radiologist Industry. I worked as a General Radiologist, with 2 Musculoskeletal (MSK) sessions per week. Participated in CT, Ultrasound, MRI, PET scan analysis. Register your CV on and search for Radiologist jobs in Ghana. Combine quality care with cost efficiencies, productivity, flexibility, and multi-tasking. During my period of employment I performed approximately 1950 U/S exams in 27 months. Developing new policies and procedures for the company. Performed Radiation therapy for patients with breast, brain and colorectal cancers 4. I was involved in the training of the residents . Post your Radiologist CV on to apply for Radiologist positions in Ghana. I was responsible for reporting plain x-ray, CT MRI including the ones in Backlog list. A good CV should make it easy for the recruiting body to determine whether you have the skills and experience for the post. 2011 Nov;70(4):305-8, Kiritsi O, Noussios G, Tsitas K, Lappas D. «Unilateral agenesis of the internal carotid artery presented as transient ischaemic attack: a case report.» Surg Radiol Anat. 36th Annual Meeting of International Skeletal Society, Washington DC, 31 August-5 September2009, 16th Annual Meeting of ESSR, Genoa/taly, June 2009, 2nd Hellenic Congress «Modern Way of living and Prevention of Heart and Musculoskeletal diseases», Thessaloniki/Greece 28-30 ay 2009, 28 ORTHOTREMATH, Thessaloniki/Greece, 22-25 April 2009, 24th Medical Congress of Northern Greece, 26-28 March 2009, 15th Annual Meeting of ESSR, Galway/reland, June 2008, 23rd Medical Congress of Northern Greece, 27-29 March 2008, Oliva, F, Kiritsi O, Foti C, Maffulli N Surgical repair of muscle laceration: biomechanical properties at 6 years follow- Muscle, Ligaments and Tendons Journal 2014, 3 (4), 313-317, Sambanis M, Athanailidis I, Sambanis A, Kirits Oi, Tsitas K, A Study of Musculoskeletal Injuries in Greek Male and Female Swimmers J Nov Physiother 3 2013 (140),2, Sambanis M, Zaggelidis G, Kiritsi O, Sambanis A, Tsitas K, Age at menarche in Greek competitive swimmers. Also, read on to How to Become a Radiologist. Provided on call services for days nights, weekends, and holidays. 34th European society of Neuroradiology annual meeting, Athens/Greece, 17-20 September 2009. Epub 2010 Jun 3, Kiritsi O., Tsitas K., Malliaropoulos N., Mikroulis G., «Ultrasonographic evaluation of plantar fasciitis after low intensity laser therapy: results of a double blinded, randomized, placebo controlled trial» Lasers in Medical Science, 2010; 25:275-281, Kiritsi O., Tsitas K.,i Grollios G., «A case of idiopathic bursal synovial chondromatosis resembling rheumatoid arthritis», Hippokratia, 2009; 13(1):61-63. I performed MSK US as well as joint injections, joint aspirations. My areas of expertise include all kinds of CT reporting, almost all types of MRI reporting (MR enterography and MR breast are excluded), general, abdominal , soft tissue, small parts, musculoskeletal US and US guided joint injections. Interpret data and provide recommendations for optimal patient care. Loading cases into PAC for dictations, hanging films for comparison. Served a diverse caseload including newborns, infants, children, adolescents, adults and geriatric patients in ER, OR, inpatient, and outpatient settings. Completed diagnostic radiographic procedures in the radiology department of an 800 bed teaching hospital. I joined a department of 7 substantive Consultants Radiologists . Prepare a radiologist technician resume A well-presented and well-formatted radiologist technician resume will enhance your chances of getting an interview. I worked full time, 10 PAs, unsupervised. I performed general and MSK ultrasounds as well as minor MSK intervention like joint injections, joint aspirations. I was responsible for reporting all MSK MRI including the ones in Backlog list. Able to communicate effectively on a one to one basis with senior Consultant staff on a daily basis ensuring a favorable working relationship is maintained at all times. 65 Hellenic Congress ..... Thessaloniki/ Greece 7-10 September 2009. Education: Accommodated walk-in patients when appropriate, supplied various size wheelchairs.
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