Do not use any abrasive material to clean the rifle. hÞb```¢vf†£B cBŽ'w¤}Ô¸&:° Uses the diagrams from the US Army manual and covers the same content but is not as detailed. 6. Issued in comic book form, and with rifle, to every U.S. soldier stationed in Vietnam. âT i&ƒÇp&%Dˆ 0 ... 3.7.9 Cleaning the Camera and Lens 135 3.7.10 Legal Notes 136 3.7.11 Safety Warnings 136 463 0 obj <> endobj Click here to download it. AR15/M4/M16 Generalized Maintenance, Cleaning and Lubrication By Chris Fry The AR15/M4/M16 family of firearms has gotten a poor reputation due to the bad experiences and poor information provided to operators in the past. Not weird. 9-1005-249-01 Washington, DC11 February 1985 Operator’s Manual for RIFLE, 5.56-MM, M16 (1005-00-856-6885) RIFLE, 5.56-MM, M16A1 (1005-00-073-9421) REPORTING ERRORS AND RECOMMENDING IMPROVEMENTS YOu can help improve this manual. Some general guidelines to follow 3. 3. Includes Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning gear plus precision cleaning tools and optics care. ¥ÅÄQVTUI‚¿*ÙÇT XvÖ'ˆ. and chamber. M16 Camera Manual MOBOTIX Seminars ... 3.7.9 Cleaning the Camera and Lens 119 ... M16, the recording of video and sound data may be subject to special documentation or it may be prohibited. 000*30ÌþÂÀÌìÁÀ`(\ÁÀ‹"o†€ 5. Cleaning Rifle. cleaning brush and/ or cotton swab dipped in cleaning fluid. Now, they can sell their AK's but not … Cleaner Lubricant and Preservative (CLP) is the only authorized lubricant for the M16/M4 Carbine rifle. If you find any mistakes or if you Last year I had to go to Bosnia to watch them cut up brand new M16/M16A1's that uncle Sugar gave them. US Army M16 / M4 operators manual. Have the desire to take your M16 apart? (Ì.Ilôr紆¿âý§;!nBøùt÷ᝈ=ˆI…̉Í)ÄqUÚ!oÂYü,1ó0 n?eaŸR…³ä¦Á÷õ¿Ö-Î7ð´ÕÿԆàî7ð`‡$=~àž4˜‡3ŋ˂?î6õ~WìÃœ¾CHÜ÷áÁ¢m–žûÑ:ë¯R]yö]uâ!éyò#9çUVQjæ-êòÊ8wkT®m ;ñø£€ç“)¡ÏHŒHI~6Ž ™IÜ2¹óĤäu&)åÙkø¥~c&i•‰E58þ5 ZNcKriƒ©„XšQ0Ýbp| 4. endstream endobj startxref These cleaning materials are carried in the compartment provided in the stock of the weapon on the M16 or in the cleaning kit for the M4 Carbine. 481 0 obj <>stream (CAUTION: Apply only a light coat of LSA to firing pin and firing pin recess). disassembled for cleaning or other services but is unnecessary for routine maintenance; the parts listed below should be cleaned after every use of the rifle. Add to the NOTE: "If CLP is not used, … 32 Pages on proper cleaning and assembly of the M16A1 Rifle. Remove old pages and insert new pages as indicated below. They are as follows. 13 cleaning 21 - 22 14 Storage 22 15 repair 23 16 Warranty 23 - 24 17 technical data 25 18 exploded view / parts 26 - 28 19 Variants / accessories 29 - 30 contact back yOur Safety reSpOnSiBiLity manual-8.576.80.02.indd 2 28.10.2011 07:07:42 Examine the lower receiver assembly for any worn, broken or damaged parts. Clean and lightly lubricate with LSA the lugs in barrel exten-sion, bore. Clean and lightly lubricate the bolt carrier. US Government training manual# TM-9-1005-249-10 OPERATOR'S MANUAL FOR RIFLE, 5.56-MM, M16 (1005-00 … The original M16 was a mm automatic rifle with a round magazine. M4/M16 Military Cleaning Kit with Gerber MP600. TECHNICAL MANUAL HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY No. Media in category "Diagrams of M16 rifle" The following 25 files are in this category, out of 25 total. hÞbbd``b`V«€“!ˆ¸ These cleaning materials are carried in the compartment provided in the stock of the weapon on the M16 or in the cleaning kit for the M4 Carbine. ,×|löhfñ_ ð#—M!±SÙq‹ÊÄNaaIKaÇÉ@†&’†“…%M Ð€£Cƒ¡A£È à WBƒ¡ƒ¡ƒ ˆ(r Ðw!\GiN æyh?ƒÛ Fµ)q2›+DuÀAÊÀu&¤†¹H‡1pÿ¤&¶,Î2HE3p}O(cT0 /„F= Bolt 2. 474 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<208BA793AC98C343949DD9839E0715C7><27BE7ABCB0BA1048B35CC423011D8A2A>]/Index[463 19]/Info 462 0 R/Length 69/Prev 718985/Root 464 0 R/Size 482/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream All users of MOBOTIX products are therefore required to familiarize Operator’s Manual W/COMPONENTS LIST RIFLE, 5.56-MM, M16A2 W/E (1005-01-128-9936) AND ... cleaning solvent (SD) is recommended for cleaning during change from one lubricant to another." 1. m16 surplus triangle hand guard set in good condition $ 69.99 read more; original colt m16a1 parts kit in very good condition $ 699.99 read more; colt m16a1 complete parts kit $ 1,200.00 read more; original m16 slip ring in xm grey $ 29.99 read more Compact, Field-Ready Kits That Go Wherever Your Rifle Goes. Specifically designed to clean and maintain 5.56mm and 9mm weapons. Via Volpina, 23 I‐21010 BESNATE (VA) ‐ ITALY WEB: ENQUIRIES Only "issued" cleaning materials should be used. Comics With Problems #25: Treat Your Rifle Like a Lady - The Will Eisner M-16 U.S. Army Rifle Maintenance Booklet. Specifically designed to clean 5.56mm weapons platforms, this maintenance system provides you the necessary tools to completely break down and clean the most critical parts of your weapon. Issued in comic book form, and with rifle, to every U.S. soldier stationed in Vietnam. `pFFréiþ\~>½û#U(‹¨RÚöûP¿„³,¸ðíãÇ»0„À…$,‚8œ¥¤/ ~2SÀçìÙx²Ó2JJ-;É¢ô|Œ]¢2&ñ8Þó¼FÂiFå*Ç´J85–͸:‰ AR-15 and M-16 rifle parts made by Military contract manufacturers AR 15 kits , and Barreled Uppers are constructed using only Mil Spec parts from Shaw®, Wilson Arms®, FN®, and Colt® contractor's, Daniel Defense®, ACE LTD , and Magpul® . Receiver/Barrel Assembly: referred to in this manual as RECEIVER, this is the main body of UNIT AND DIRECT SUPPORT MAINTENANCE MANUAL (INCLUDING REPAIR PARTS AND SPECIAL TOOLS LIST) RIFLE, 5.56MM, M16A2 W/E (1005-01-128-9936) (EIC:4GM) TM 9-1005-319-23&P, May 1991, is changed as follows: 1. The military compounded the issue by sending M-16s to Vietnam without enough cleaning tools. Click here to download it. %PDF-1.5 %âãÏÓ The M16 rifle, officially designated Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16, is a United States military adaptation of the ArmaLite AR-15 rifle. In 1964, the M16 entered US military service and the following year was deployed for jungle warfare operations during the Vietnam War. M16 (C) TANDEM TRAINER MAINTENANCE MANUAL PAGE ISSUE 1 A_November 2012 ORDINARY MAINTENANCE MANUAL MAGNI M16 (M16C) GYROPLANE Issue A_NOVEMBER 2012 MAGNI GYRO Srl. I was able to get one of the comics and some 601(?) Keeping your weapon clean is a high priority, especially when exposed to rough field conditions. This weapon platform is highly reliable when maintained properly. slings. You will be provided with a list of supplies needed, step-by-step directions This manual is broken down into 3 chapters. Lubricate slide cam pin area, piston rings, outside bolt body, and in bolt carrier key. 2 M16 Camera Manual MOBOTIX Seminars MOBOTIX off ers inexpensive seminars that include workshops and practical exercises. Normal care and cleaning will result in proper functioning of all parts of the weapon. Reassembly is done identically to disassembly, and cleaning can be done while reassembling. This was all because of the UN. %%EOF Well, this manual will explain the process of dismantling your M16. Use a pipe cleaner to clean the butt-stock screw vent hole. Camera Manual AllroundDual M16 33.068-001_EN_07/2018. Sep 02, 2020 us army operators manual for m16 m16a1 rifle Posted By Evan HunterMedia Publishing TEXT ID f446205c Online PDF Ebook Epub Library Full Text Of Operators Manual For M16 M16a1 technical manual i headquarters department of the army no 9 1005 249 10 j washington dc 11 february 1985 operators manual for rifle 556 mm m16 1005 00 856 6885 rifle 556 mm … An AR-15/ M16/ M4 Rifle Flat working surface Cleaning rods Brushes Pads Solvent Lubricating Oil No Tools are required to perform this procedure because the rifle is designed to be broken down by hand. Kþ¶yF5˜¤BèLŠ‘PR|ƒè ڃ¤ý®‘Qʦ­O"WIVˆìmv Ç&}­‡g­ø¨Û=E1ûÁB™±_0iÉÔm˜Zçœ. 32 Pages on proper cleaning and assembly of the M16A1 Rifle. Cleaning rods were in short supply, and the Army issued many rifles without cleaning kits altogether. This covers Disassembly, Cleaning, Reassembly, Magazine, Operation and Ammunition and more. This compact hardcover book explains how to use, clean, and maintain an M16 assault rifle. 2. $XŒ£2àŠ)Ù$ìeAb=@by3#cH#Vâ?÷o€ U V Maintenance Procedures for the M16 and M16A1 Rifle.The M16 rifle, officially designated Rifle, Caliber mm, M16, is a United States military adaptation of the ArmaLite AR rifle. Page 26. Improper maintenance causes stoppages and malfunctions. Operator's Manual for Rifle, 5.56-MM, M16 and Rifle, 5.56-MM, M16A1. ¶% »™Y푖‰¼Mî¯aۜc‹Ÿ¦Xë s++ $N}Ÿ¤ën 0Ê×_¸¼7ô-1(ƒ¶> GXïç =‡É±Šþ8ò’퇿×`ߐ`A&(Ø­NBcìwÄNãwâñotÔÁZD!él[ÖÆiÌ&Òòƒ–Ž‹c'Jû¤Ù=ºõ­ñ3ä çºJû«Ý !›jô›B\ú½IæX’SÊÎ{¨v̟Ž©‡îˆ4¹ÉHá#í£Áúýºa“à÷P&¼‡èVýÝ+\«(1®¥POéXsΡy8åæ[³ If you own an M16, AR-15 or are a fan of black guns, you should have a copy of this really cool reproduction of a U.S. Army manual in your home library. 1993 Colt Sporter RiflesDownload 1993 M16A2 Carbine, Commando, 9mm SMG & M4 Carbine (Downloadable)Download 1994 Colt Match Target Rifles (Downloadable) Download 1995 Semiautomatic Rifles & Carbines (Downloadable)Download 2010 LE6940, LE6943, LE6944, LE6945CQB, LE6946CQB Advanced Law Enforcement Carbine Operators Manual (Downloadable)Download 2011 Colt Advanced Piston Carbine Operators Manual Chapter 1: Disassembly For further details on cleaning, see the Cleaning section of this manual. SKS AKS AK47 Users Guide Owners Manuals, Cleaning, Maintenance, Assembly, ... M16A1 Combat Rifle Operators Manual.... M16 A2 Sniper Assault Rifle Us Marine Corps Organizational, Intermediate Maintenance, Auxiliary Equipment, Special … Cleaning and lubrication of the upper receiver Our crew of tactical weapons experts developed these fine 5.56mm cleaning kits to give the M16/AR-15 shooter a handy, carry-along system that fits snug in the storage compartment of A-1/A-2 buttstocks. Booklet. United States Army training manual for the M16 5.56-mm rifle. The cartoon like illustrations throughout the manual are nostalgic and fun. The M16 rifle, officially designated Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16, is a family of military rifles adapted from the ArmaLite AR-15 rifle for the United States military.The original M16 rifle was a 5.56mm automatic rifle with a 20-round magazine.. Clean the buffer, recoil spring and inside of the lower receiver with a cleaning brush and/or cotton swab dipped in cleaning fluid. A reprint of the classic M16 comic book manual (PAM 750-30) is included with retro-style AR-15 rifles from companies like Troy Industries and Brownells (the … FM 23-9 Combat Training With the M16; TM 9-1005-319-23&P Unit and Direct Support Maintenance Manual M16A-2/3/4, M4 & MaA1; TM 9-1005-309-10 Operator's Manual Submachine Gun, M231; TM 43-0001-27 Army Ammunition Data Sheets Small Arms Ammunition; MIL-R-63997B (AR) Military Specification Rifle, 5.56mm M16A2 66 pages ; AR-15 to M16 Conversion; M16A1 Rifle Maintenance & Repair Manual New or changed material is indicated by a vertical bar adjacent to the material. Soldiers who carry more than one weapon only need to carry one weapons maintenance kit. Officially known as DA Pam 750-30. endstream endobj 464 0 obj <. We carry rifle parts, complete AR-15 rifle kits, and accessories for the M16 and AR-15 military rifles. Bushmaster: Operating and Safety Instruction Manual. Officially known as DA Pam 750-30.
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