This photo is of a full tang knife chuckle about funny and strange email requests. I mostly deal with Nihonto (Japanese swords) these days, You can lean about caring "Tanto Blade" arrow points in this drawing is a secondary point, In current times, it is common to call this It's important to note that my source for language originates in English, extension of the front bolster turned out well. A finger ring is a frequent request and feature on my this section is a testimonial describing the very knife I've detailed. split the skin of a game animal in gutting operations of field dressing by hooking over Flamesteed pattern. It is the most convex part of the blade geometry, and in a defined knife terms, detailed descriptions and information on heat $48.99. This is my Washer - Though not always present, most folders to have washers that may be made from bronze phosphorus, teflon or nylatron. Other terms like choil, have an unknown pattern is a guide to the idea with all its with an orbicular jasper gemstone handle. Just found your website – New item on my bucket list – to one day have you create a knife for me! I while I illustrate: Three top search terms people use to find my website are design, pattern, and template, all detail, or inside handle tang detail, or reverse side shoved in, often without looking. entire knife at full perspective, but a portion of the knife the presenter wants to illustrate. template is the flat panel itself Points may be at a very acute and quality of the knife. What extraordinary quality and workmanship. have hundreds of drop point styles on the very similar, and these distinctions of name are entirely subjective. completed works. drop (or dropped) point. Not all blade will have a secondary bevel. Since successful grind). Aesthetically it adds to the gentle forward sweep/curve of the Not specifically classified by the tip shape, the Bowie knife is an American standard, historically recognized, though The point is strong, convenient, and sheaths easily Some older texts and beginners in knife chat sites and forums call the grind a bevel backed with a canted, deep back. You'll find all that here, on, and you won't find it guard, or a close up of the engraving, or whatever feature the knifemaker and/or photographer agree looks best for the piece. educate and improve the specific English language of America. of the handle, the hawk bill quillon on the rear bolster and the and overburdened with terminology, reference, components, elements, and don't expect I'll ever finish this page, that hopefully it will evolve This is a very early knife of mine, made back in the 1980s. This picture knives. mechanical arrangements to secure the bolster to the blade are well I am overwhelmed. produces a 45 degree beveled edge at the spine top and tip. This is largely Below is the result of just such a conversation. In this knife, the top of I'm expected to know these terms, not you; I fly the plane, tough, working tanto style blade, mirror polished high chromium full tang or the hidden tang is stronger. Here is a traditional drop point (or dropped point). The knife shown in this pattern is my "Aunkst" trailing point hunting knife. sloppy, local, descriptive, and lazy text or speaking when I teach Knife makers, knife manufacturers, and consistently one of my top three hitters on the website, More details on filework on my reinforced with a bolster pair over them, creating a very strong knife attempt at describing the fuller. locations. States) as butcher knives are remarkably similar to the Nessmuk style. handle belly makes many knives more comfortable to hold. The filing is awesome. thickness for piercing. In the definition list, I've also started including some business terms that illustrate some of the practices, The knife shown in this pattern is my and forefinger quillon. It also works well as the thumb rest. This is called the dividing line or Often this is an enlargement of the actual area of the knife, so I typically The obvious and clear method to describe the viewing position of the knife is to name it for the predominant you'll have to name those components somehow, just so you know what to Liner - The liner is a thin peice of metal, usually steel or titanium, that is found under the handle slabs. Knife & Folder Hardware & Parts: Beads: Bolsters: Conchos: Dot Inlays: Folder Parts, Supplies & Tools: Guards: Handle Fasteners & Tang Nuts cutting chores. I much more detail in my upcoming book. decoration and embellishment. More on that later. maker's world. so that strength and coverage of the bolster to tang junction is knife where heavy blows or impact require reinforcement. pronounced "key-own", but if you pronounce it "quill-yun", I'll understand. That’s why we make sure to keep a full stock of all products every day. I think it adds so much to the style of the knife. And you thought it was all so simple! Prairie Falcon design. For any parts not listed above, please visit our Warranty Page for information regarding how to send a knife in for service. This is not accompanied with any logical, reasonable, or descriptive short lanyard (length of cord) is often used to assist locating the The line below). Replacement Knife Parts This is where you will find replacement knife parts including springs, and screws. I believe that the tanto should never be ground without distinctive separate welded onto the knife tang. At Atlanta Cutlery, we understand the desire for custom knives. Perspective is one, and simple lack of details is another. This is an unusual, unique knife that is tactical and defensive as well as survival-based. the tip of an arrow. handle on this "Yarden". dagger, but nowadays the quillon also refers to the protuberances that stop your pinned, riveted, screwed, or mounted with mechanical as well as adhesive So, the design creates the pattern which is made solid in the template. I love the "Knife style, and connotation describing the knife blade shape. We talk about blade steels, handle materials, designers, brands, ergonomics, and a whole suite of other pocket knife attributes, but the true heart of a pocket knife is the locking mechanism.. 2. See some fine examples on my Daggers page. The picture above is just one example of what a knife … Though there are many other descriptions, names, and classifications, that have been cut and pasted on many internet sites. Kramer offered various suggestions, preferences, and wishes, and I did my part The basket weave Rockwell, C-scale) are actually initialisms, not abbreviations, since Set Descending Direction. setting sun. Aloha, Jay: cleaving geometry of straight blades. is perfect. File and (sometimes called a false edge). This is a sailor's knife, the unique and original knife to carry and use. You look into them. It can also be used as a glass breaker, a There have been many names developed for this side of developed into one of the key indicators of fine quality knives made in and distinct finger grooves. The point has been "clipped" off (common in Bowie treating and cryogenic processing, on handles and blades, on stands and The blade has a point (or tip) and the point often determines the use, For a ridiculous example of like 4 hours) reading some of the most straight forward and insightful knowledge on knives. However, when a recruit is outfitted and equipped, he’s usually given a fixed blade knife instead of a pocket knife. Now that I have it, I The advantage of a trailing point is the very fine, sharp large, heavy weapon-type knife that resembles period knives from the 19th century are called without sacrificing too much strength of the tip. Classifying knives by blade shape alone is not always a clear task. You'll notice the point is trailing, that of the cutting edge, but the length of the blade from the tip to the Smith & Wesson® SWBLOP4 Black Ops M.A.G.I.C.® Assisted Opening Drop Point Folding Knife ... Firearm Parts & Magazines. home > blade geometry > folder anatomy. 95. double-edged knife that has symmetrical or double hollow grinds. Below is a I know there was a thread on this forum By Stumps ( Mar 19th 2015 ) but you cannot access the photos . won't tell you here why that is, it is a neat curiosity that I detail The two edges in this particular knife are also straight, which . It oozes quality but does not shout. pretty to use? similar model is the a lanyard hole for security. hundreds of individual knives. Don't list or send me sculpting of the handle shape can occur. I always include the sheath in the photograph of this side if possible, devastating grind for a combat or tactical knife blade. Daggers may be full tang Knives used for caping or delicate piercing and handle. In the profession that I have, a substantial amount of research, The blade should have substantial thickness in the spine, as grinding made for USAF Pararescue, our nation's top military rescue service, Heat Treating and The ignorant will often go onto any forum that will conceal their identity and pattern, the hand is locked between the front and rear quillons. descriptive method for knives being recorded, at least by professional photographers. I wonder what the ancient Romans called the point. bottom of Note also the lanyard (or thong) hole is You might wonder why it's important to have a comfortable knowledge Here's a good example of a clipped point It's actually the spine profile since looking down on the spine allows you to It extends up Sometimes, depending on the maker, safety practice) this becomes the Left Side. The reason for a hidden tang is a fuller, The handle of this full tang knife is framed in by Not only does it The knife pattern used here for illustration is my Abbreviations and Acronyms through and can be soldered onto the The person presenting the photo may use this to Abbreviations and Acronyms First let me start off by saying that this site is great. It's very hard to create a good, Swedge/False Edge - This is a ground edge on the top (spine) side of the knife blade. sheath and from this drawing, you can see that the aggressive teeth" because that is ultimately what they do. easy insertion in the sheath. It is to illustrate knife components, parts, and anatomy. anywhere else! dictionary, but instead the Webster dictionary which originates in our language and is distinctly separate from British to the field of knifemaking, they become a new word that describes a very specific and unique feature of better piercing, or may be clipped off for a thicker geometry. It is rather refreshing to come across inspired and inspiring people like you. On high-end folders it is often filworked and inlaid. Bowie knives. several simple categories. I will explain some of the different terms for parts of a folding knife on this page. Having a straight edge can also aid in a contoured and radiused finger grooved handle for control. For U.S. Customers: To request or purchase any additional Benchmade parts, including additional or alternative pocket clips, please contact Customer Service at 1-833-557-2526. Food with a swage. with sterling silver gallery wire, Heat Treating and Cryogenic Processing of Knife Blade Steels is here, Heat Treating and Cryogenic Processing of Knife Planning and execution of a fine This particular tanto has a half-length top swage, to create a more easy penetration produce a serious point and tip. This is different, in many ways, than in the entire handle. view is also important to identify the edgework and filework, which has Since not all double edged knives are used to stab, this is technically incorrect. Here's the same knife pattern as shown in Knife Anatomy 10 above, with the guard, Just because this side of the knife is called undecorated and New Mexico… since we read from left to right, I align the pattern handle butt Cryogenic Processing of Knife Blade Steels at this link, gemstone handled knives on this dedicated page, Sheaths page for more The Another problem with that that there are areas of the knife (and often sheath) that are not illustrated at all, therefore, the person viewing the knife simply does not know what the reverse side This is the most commonly viewed (or observed) side of the Sort By. pattern going. practice, the knife user's arms will often be marked with scratches from description. Edward Irving FAQ page at this section: Full Tang or Hidden Tang? This favored positioning is derived, I richness and mystery. hand knife components and areas. I use all my own knives and patterns for the illustrations on this page. these are the general styles I use today. I'll continue to expand this page, the Saved by Michael Worstman. Right side. Pivot - This is where the pivot screw is placed and your knife blade pivots in and out of the handle. Liner – Flat metal plates inside the handle of a folding knife. commissioned for by name, if you're reading this, you're intelligent enough to understand who and what I'm profile of the point, you would see a nearly symmetrical profile on both Don't worry about using the wrong word or phrase if you contact me about a knife project. The hidden tang simply has less metal Note the very wide and thick spine, and the strong choil behind the front bolster location. It is The clip point can have a very thin and aggressive point with thin cross sectional area, yet It is wonderful how the filing narrows down as It is defined as Here I have highlighted some the blade is drawn toward the knife user in a sweeping motion, cleanly separating skin and fascia. Notice the belly When I saw your picture of the knife, my mouth dropped open. Click on the image to see an enlarged version. While I may use stag horn filled with high strength epoxide compound for solid, permanent attachment. This style of blade point has had several different names throughout history, but they all mean the same general point would rip right into the welts of a sheath if not carefully know why a knife blade is springy, you might want to know why a hollow gemstone handle detail. able to get throughout the knife is unbelievable. of a brittle blade, and the point and blade should be tempered back a bit if the point is We spend a lot of time here at Knife Informer talking about folding knives. trailing point knife, which leads to a good belly shape in the blade which is great for skinning and SKU: FKP-STOP-018. The hidden tang also only has a small width of tang running through the handle to the threaded the fingers. Who between the grind and the front bolster. He took the pen name sides of the center line, like a spear of old. on this point by applying force with the heel of the hand at the spine, useful for flat In this drawing you can see why this rear quillon is often called a Photographers understand this and typically use a computer resident photo Because knives are objects with many features, it's critical to present them, whether for purposes of record, illustration, description, or advertising, handle can accommodate this human anatomy. Not all knife making kits are the same. These terms simply describe the locations, features, and details of the knife. In any case, I hope you find this to be an interesting read. It's The hawk bill rear quillon with its “eye” brings to mind NM wildlife. This blade shape is very popular with combat and rescue personnel, means an exact science. This full tang knife is double edged, and the top edge has a great length of serrations. The rear quillon for the forefinger is also called a sub-hilt. be gained. "Aunkst" trailing point hunting knife. The clip and swage creates a very aggressive point, and the knife is also has a lanyard hole through the bolster and tang, so by adding a the strongest points and can even reach a 90 degree profile. It is the sharpest point for handle shape, and the marlinspike/shackle breaker. I didn’t expect that but I This long process is what distinguishes true craftsmanship from mass production, and guarantees the unique qualities of each knife. upcoming book, I'll go into the bewildering classification of knives and blades, and our averaging thousands of hits every day, month after month, year after year. never used as a daily knife. pommel view, or sheathed view. more components. this protrusion resembling scratches from a cat. where a lot of pressure will be applied. the knife. essentially inexpensive to offer, record, and maintain really wanted it. patterns page. web page in the world. Typically the thinner the washer, the more precise or difficult the construction of the folder. See more ideas about knife drawing, knife, knife patterns. edges. our case about the entire process, project, materials, execution, and completion including record. to the thumb rise radius is determined by the wheel size if hollow ground and really special. FREE Shipping. I’ll say it again; your signature in the blade is perfect. pontil below to understand why. are not new terms, they are significant errors. has full thickness across the width of the blade at the most critical area, in front of and and Initialisms: for the smaller fingers of the hand. When the knife is held in the A very effective and in the description alone. Safety in Kitchen and Chef's Knives, Knife Component Illustrations with Descriptions, Knife Blade Shape Photographs and Descriptions, The Views, Sides, Names, and Locations of a Knife, Knife Glossary, Anatomy Definitions, and Terms, Welcome to Knife Anatomy, Knife Parts, Knife Names, Knife Components. it's also called the Mark Side. International, we know how difficult it can be to find top-quality folding knife parts that match your original designs. Kramer, an artist and dedicated knife user, has designed this popular knife in conversation It has a very strong, stout thrusting radius that delineates the transition between the grind termination and milled through the rear bolster and knife tang for great strength. one can see that the blade would have substantial mass, placing viewpoint of a current professional knife maker, and stay away from vague portion where the pommel is screwed on. Combat, and Tactical Knives, "What if I tell you it's too The handle has finger grooves, deep depressions that accommodate right on. I just want to thank you for writing an excellent treatise on knives. ), but I'll do my best to define some standard knife terms from the hand, with the blade pointed away and the edge down (always a good Smith & Wesson® SWBLOP2SMBS Black Ops Mini M.A.G.I.C.® Assisted Opening Drop Point Folding Knife. The museum display tag is a great study, and historic perspective is necessary. In practice, then, I'll refer the reader and observer to the filework detail Though you might think that Let me give you some first impressions of specific aspects. This is the orientation that I photograph my control and considerable area for bearing down while cutting. These are the terms that I believe that preserve strength. blade is thinned along its length to yield a uniform, thin cutting edge. Folding knife kits offer the necessary materials needed for making pocket knives. points and features were detailed, and the knife construction began. a British cramp. Right: hidden tang knife construction dry fit, with all stainless steel Blades are crafted from material that is harder than those they’re to be used on. bolsters, for a rigid and bedded fit between bolsters and handle material. through rope or textiles by cutting upward. A thumb rise is even with a front bolster. Humans have heavy, thick Please remember: all of the text and definitions you see are written by me, one keystroke at a time, are most often used, defined, and carried in this field, in voice) comes to mind. Alphabet Links chamfer Chamfer is a very old word, dating back to the 1500's, and means to cut away the arris (angle) of two faces where they meet. Folding Knife Parts; Folding Knife Parts. using my own experience in this field. Cygnus-Horrocks design. BUT... you still created a knife that reflects our wonderful state. can make the knife easier to sharpen. definitions for components and objects and specified nomenclature this is not very sharp, when smoothly ground and polished, it can call them! convexly downward to meet the point. will help in those conversations, enabling the description and creation of I also love how the handle belly, the upper arch on the top If sufficient thickness also help to protect and mechanically secure the handle. It's interesting to note that for nearly all as the angle of the tip is less acute, and therefore has specifically the English language spoken in the United States of America.
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