4 Axis CNC Control Full Automatic Circular Sawblade Grinders

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  • Standard Accessories 
    • Tool box x 1 set
    • Coolant oil x 1 pail (4L) 
    • Auto lubrication system x 1 set
    • Working lamp x 1 pcs
    • Fully enclosed splash guard x 1 set
    • Oil mist recycle device x 1 set
    • Diamond grinding wheel x 2 pcs
    • Saw blade clamp (ø130, ø210, ø260, ø310) x 4 sets
    • High pressure coolant system x 1 set
    • Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet x 1 set
  •   Optional Accessories
    • Saw blade clamp
    • Diamond grining wheel
  • Simple of man-machine interface
    • Easy operation with friendliness and simple input data to accomplish full automatic grinding.
  • Digital Parameter Input
    • With dedicated keypad design, teeth number, teeth depth, cutting
      angle, back rack angle, chamfering and feeding speed can be input by
      digital data. No complicated procedures from manual adjusting.
  • Self-Detection & Modular control system
    • Computer programming and control system is designed by modular technology.
    • Self-detection system displays error on screen for easy trouble shooting.
  • Tooth Grinding+ Chamfer Grinding accomplish at one go
    • From tooth to chamfer completely grind automatically at a time. Stop machine for adjustment is unessential.
  • Grinding wheel speed set at random
    • According to characteristics of wheel, it can set different speeds.
  • Cutting angle automatic position
    • After inputting a cutting angle, wheel spindle will offset automatically it done hands-free always.
  • Auto Chamfering function
    • Completely automatic chamfering it done hands-free always.
  • New saw blade Duplication Grinding
    • When grinding new saw blade with same diameter and same tooth
      number, you only need to touch rim with initial saw blade. After that
      you just press the “new” button, when another new one is installed. The
      fully meets the requirement of economical efficiency in mass production
Grinding dia.
65 – 500
Pitch range
Max. 24mm
Grinding teeth
10 – 998 teeth
Range of cutting angle
0 – 30 degree
Grinding Speed
1 – 60 teeth/min.
Thickness of sawblade
Max. 10mm
Wheel diameter
ø200 mm
Wheel inner diameter
Grinding Thickness
Max. 8mm
Grinding motor
5HP 2P
Grinding speed
2500 – 7000RPM
X axis motor
AC伺服 1.3KW
Y axis motor
AC伺服 1.3KW
Z axis motor
AC伺服 1.3KW
A axis motor
AC伺服 400W
Coolant motor
 Oil mist recycle device 
0.75 KW
Magnetic filter
60 Litre/min
Total electric power
10.275 KW
Machine weight
1550 KGS
Machine size (LxWxH)
2000 x 1750 x 1800mm 

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