What is Wire Harness Assembly in Avertronics

terminal crimping

The wire harness assembly has been
our core business since 2000. Avertronics INC designs and manufactures the high quality and reliable wire harness products for the automotive industry, engineering industry, healthcare industry, renewable power generator and e-bike industry. 
A good wire harness can transmit all of power and
information to
E bike controller. It likes human’s circulatory and nervous systems. A wire harness process is designed based on the geometric and electrical requirements of the equipment it is to be installed in. Once the initial design is established, a schematic is used to create the manufacturing paperwork and the assembly board for the harness. The assembly board, also called a pin board, is a full-size diagram of the harness which shows all of the components and their locations. It also serves as the workbench for the harness. Therefore, the experience is very important.

Avertronics INC has been experiencing it for decades.

Wire harness assembly needs experienced engineers for
cutting the wires to the desired length and labeled appropriately. Then, they  strip the ends of the wires to
expose the un-insulated conductor and fit with required terminals or connector housings. The wires and components are then assembled on the pin-board to the
desired specification and then bound together. When wire harness assembly process, it is more efficiently done by hand than automation. 

In process, engineer is still to inspect the harness for splice connection and crimp quality (please refer to https://www.avertronics.com/en/news/index.php?sysUserId=99 & https://www.avertronics.com/en/news/index.php?sysUserId=100
). This inspections are to make sure comprehension
connection pin to pin. Final testing is to make sure per
desired electrical functionality. It is done with a pre-programmed test board. The test board is programmed with the required electrical characteristics and the completed harness is then plugged into the board and checked for faults.



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