High Strength Aluminum Alloy

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Due to the demand for high strength aluminum alloy seamless tubes for bicycle fork and baseball bats, AMSpec’s technical team established the 7050-T76 strength class seamless tubes production technology in 2008, quickly followed by higher strength and fracture toughness of 7150-T7x and T6x alloys thus achieving industry’s top level of fatigue resistance. Also we greatly improved both bending deformation and impact resistance in 7055, 7068 class material.

To optimize alloy design, micro-alloys incorporating elements are also under development. The following 7250, A600Sc, A800Sc alloys that optimized by AMSpec, can have reached tensile strengths of 700MPa or above. We make these high strength aluminum alloys by using highly purified casting techniques, addition of micro-refined elements and supersaturated alloy modification to achieve the target of ultra-high strength.

In plastic processing technology, we mainly use AMSpec-developed extrusion mechanisms to achieve excellent results with our multi-pass extrusion process capability (Severe Plastic Deformation, SPD). With the development of especially fine crystalline materials and heat treatment technology, material characteristics can far surpass the limits of traditional aluminum alloys.

Work with the department of materials science and engineering, National Taiwan University to study the microstructure of the 7000 series high strength aluminum alloy and the result as below.

AMSpec 7250, A600Sc, A800Sc alloy bar, its typical tensile properties.
Alloy Static Mechanical Property
TS(MPa) YS(MPa) El (%)
A800Sc 752 716 8
A600Sc 735 700 8
7250 720 680 12

※ The testing data will be different based on different specifications.

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